Anonymous tokens

An added layer of privacy to your VPN experience.

Attention, please take notice of what follows! Make sure you enter a correct email address and/or that you write down your hash when it is given to you. After that, your account and invoice will disappear from the panel. We won't be able to identify your membership. We will not provide any refund nor any support. provides a 100% anonymous way of authenticating with its VPN network. We quietly introduced anonymous tokens back in 2014 and were the second on the market to do so. Tokens are SHA256 hashes that you can use as both username & password to log into the VPN. They are not linked to any account panel. We do not provide any support for them as we cannot confirm any ownership. They can be purchased on-demand, either here or at any third-party participating store.

Start a new busines

You can order tokens in bulk at a discounted rate and resell them.

The tokens reselling plan

  • You can purchase a large volume of tokens at once and benefit from a discounted price.
  • The expiration date of the tokens is automatically set from the first connection time.
  • Tokens are simple hashes that are compatible as username & password with any VPN client, including Safejumper. The financial flow is fragmented, increasing privacy for everyone.
Up to
50%volume discount

Frequently Asked Questions

If ever you still have some doubts about our anonymous tokens.

Q. How can I get an anonymous token?

There are two ways to retrieve an anonymous token. You can either convert your existing VPN package into one from your panel, or you can purchase a fresh one separately. We will not provide any support if you choose to convert or buy an anonymous token.

Q. Where can I find an independent third-party reseller?

You should crawl the web and not ask us such a question if you really want an independent source of provisioning. With this said, the folks at 24Instant are selling anonymous tokens and accepting Bitcoin payments. It could be a nice place for you to get started.