World-class customer service

We are proud to provide a 24/7 happy sales, tech & admin support. guarantees an answer to any ticket within maximum 72 business hours. Our usual response time is of less than 4 hours and in average less than 12 hours. We are available throughout the year. We speak English, and may translate your language into English if necessary. We are friendly, attentive and effective.

Frequently Asked Questions

If ever you still have some doubts about how we serve customers.

Q. I have a problem. How do I get it solved?

You should not hesitate to submit a ticket to us with a copy of your logs. We will troubleshoot your issue within few hours.

Q. Is it possible to request new features or VPN locations?

Of course, we welcome you to get in touch with us in order to suggest new features or VPN locations. We are happy to hear your feedback.