Sponsorship for content makers

We will happily provide lots of gifts for your audience.

Proxy.sh will provide you with free VPN memberships both for you and your readers depending on the size of the audience you deal with, and how Proxy.sh might truly be interesting for it. We can offer a single 72-hours account worth $2 up to several lifetime memberships worth several hundreds. You should not hesitate to contact us to unlock truly awesome gifts for your awesome community.

How does it work exactly?

Spread the word about us to your community & get some gifts.

Article, Competition or Contest

  • You spread the word by writing an article, a review (even negative) or organising a contest around us.
  • You give us access to as many details about your community as possible, particularly analytics.
  • We analyse the commercial and reputational potential of your community to us and to Internet privacy awareness in general. We then let you know in few business days how many VPN memberships we can give you away for free.
As Worth As
$10'000of potential giveaways.

Frequently Asked Questions

If ever you still have some doubts about our sponsorship program.

Q. Can I get free VPN memberships on a regular basis?

Depending on how our partnership fared for both of us, we will be happy to reconsider another batch of VPN memberships free giveaways.

Q. Can I also get paid?

Yes, you can take a look at our affiliation program where we provide you with the opportunity to earn cash for referrals.