Safejumper, the TOR-powered VPN client

Install our custom application to connect to the VPN network in few clicks or taps. It's free, stable & open source.

Safejumper Plus for Windows — 5.1 build 106 [download] [source] [pgp]

Safejumper Plus for Mac — 5.1 build 106 [download] [source] [pgp]
Safejumper Plus for Linux — 5.1 build 106 [download] [source] [pgp]
Safejumper Plus for Android — 1.0.1 [download] [source]

Safejumper for Windows — 4.0 build 94 [download] [source] [pgp]

Safejumper for Mac — 4.0 build 94 [download] [source] [pgp]
Safejumper for Linux — 4.0 build 94 [download] [source] [pgp]
Safejumper for Android — 1.9 [download] [source]
Safejumper for iOS — 2.1 [download] [source]
Network Devices

OpenVPN, made easy.

Safejumper lets you log into your VPN account and select various OpenVPN protocols, ports and locations in order to easily and securely connect to the VPN network in few clicks or taps. It is stable, accessible and beautiful.

Safejumper also allows you to tweak many network and account settings. It is a formidable companion to keep your Internet traffic strongly encrypted.

  • Compatible with five major OS.
  • Beautiful and stable.
  • Open source & built-in OpenVPN.
  • DNS leak fix and kill switch.
  • Compatible with ECC & ECC+XOR.
  • TOR's obfsproxy (obfs2, obfs3, scramblesuit).

Frequently Asked Questions

Still having a doubt about how Safejumper may help you?

Q. What is Safejumper all about? How does it work?

Safejumper is an OpenVPN client we have developed for you. It allows you to connect to our VPN network in few clicks or taps. All you need to do is simply enter your VPN username and password, then log in and select the country you wish to connect to. You may also select the port and protocol you wish to use, then click the Connect button and let it do all the hassle on your behalf.

Q. There is no Connect option on iOS. How does it work?

Apple's iOS is a very restricted limited and they do not allow any OpenVPN app other than the native OpenVPN Connect one. Safejumper for iOS therefore allows you to generate a configuraiton file you can import in a tap to OpenVPN Connect. You then need to tap Connect on the OpenVPN app.

Q. Are there any specific version of my OS for which it won't work?

Generally speaking, Safejumper should be working flawlessly for any Windows version from XP to 10, as well as any Mac OS X version. It should also work on the most recent iOS and Android versions. As far as Linux is concerned, most general distros such as Ubuntu or Mint should work flawlessly, but don't hesitate to let us know if you stumble across a problem and wish us to make the application compatible with a particular OS version.

Q. It does not work. What should I do?

If you are having a software issue and Safejumper cannot be installed or run on your OS, then please contact us. If you are having a networking or connection issue, please make sure to take a copy of your logs as you get in touch with us.