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Ethical policy

The present policy sets the ethics that Proxy.sh staff will honor by operating an Internet service that has the objective of helping you protect your privacy over the Internet.

As Proxy.sh operates from various locations around the world, it is subject to various rules of law and jurisdictions. Proxy.sh will respect the law, respond to infringements in an appropriate way and, if required, let the authorities undertake their investigations across our network.

To make sure your privacy is protected, Proxy.sh will always keep you updated about how it responds to abuses or when interventions from law enforcement agencies might take place.

Furthermore, we always choose to cease and relocate our operations to another jurisdiction when one is failing to provide a decent respect of your privacy. We are even publishing a warrant canary every day as an attempt to avoid hidden interventions.

Similarly, while Proxy.sh is based in the Republic of Seychelles, we will guarantee to always remain open to relocation if our home jurisdiction is no longer providing the conditions under which we can provide a trustworthy Internet service.

Being located in the Republic of Seychelles allows us to enjoy the financial flexibility conferred to International Business Corporations, which provides us the opportunity to achieve our objective of having no shareholders (or precisely, zero-weighted ones) and being able to redistribute fully & directly all our revenues into the costs of operating and growing our network.

Proxy.sh definitely believes that the respect of your privacy is of the utmost importance. As an Internet service provider, it is our responsibility to make sure you connect to a safe network. This means a network that is safe to you and other human beings.
It is in such context that, in addition to complying with laws of the jurisdictions from which we are based and operating, we will follow the below ethical principles.

Our abuse department is constantly available to receive and handle abuse complaints. All the complaints we receive are made publicly available via our Transparency Report. When a complaint relates to an activity that is directly harmful to another human being, it is prioritized and handled by our Ethical Task Force.

The issues this team handles cover the following problems:

• Paedophilia;
• Physical supply of materials directly harmful to human beings (drugs, weapons, etc.);
• Activities planning and executing the death of other human beings (assassination, bombing, etc.);
• Identity theft to the extent of committing crimes on the behalf of someone else.

When our Ethical Task Force receives an abuse complaint about one of the issues listed above, it will ask the complainant to provide two expert reports about the case: one from a legal attorney, and one from an IT forensics analyst.

Upon reception, these two reports will be published by our Ethical Task Force, along with the original abuse, in our Transparency Report. The team will eventually close some ports or even shut down the node entirely, if ever such actions might help mitigate the problem caused by the person responsible of the abuse. The team will then attempt to actively report the case to law enforcement bodies and competent non-governmental organizations involved in the fields that the abuse relates to.

Finally, our Network Administration team will make the most ethical and appropriate use of software monitoring tool Wireshark, or any software that might lead it to monitor the (encrypted) traffic going through our servers. Starting from publication date, the team will no longer use this tool to respond to abuses, including those related to the issues stated above, unless the law requires it. The team will only use it to intervene on technical issues, such as data flooding, and will keep you informed via the Network Status, of any intervention scheduled within an appropriate timeframe that does not compromise both our capacity to maintain a secure & fluid network, and your privacy.

Unlike other VPN providers, we hereby provide a contracting obligation to keep you informed, directly or indirectly via our warrant canary, of any intervention that may take place and might compromise your privacy, whether could be the reason.

NB: It is important to note that the Ethical Task Force will not be actively reporting to law enforcement bodies and NGOs, any abuse regarding the following issues:

• Pornography;
• Moral behaviors;
• Religious or political orientations;
• Governmental or corporate whistleblowing;
• Intellectual property;
• Investigative journalism;
• Freedom of thought and expression;
• Attitude with respect to environment.

Abuse notices regarding these issues will all be standardly handled. First, they will be published in our Transparency Report. And second, if they infringe our terms or the law, we will take appropriate action (block ports, shut nodes down, let authorities inspect the network or leave the jurisdiction depending the extent to which your privacy can remain protected); if they do not, we will openly ignore them.

Last updated - 30/11/2013
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