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30/01/2014 [DMCA] Irdeto USA, Inc. @ U.S. Texas 7 (20772)

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3255-3 Scott Blvd. Suite 101 Santa Clara, CA 95054
Phone: 408-492-8500 fax: 408-727-6743

Attention: Intellectual Property Enforcement

Web Reply:

Notice ID: 290-130151357

Irdeto Reference Number: 290-130151357
IP Address:
Date of Infringement: 30 Jan 2014 01:41:44 GMT

Irdeto USA, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "Irdeto") represents the
intellectual property interests of Activision that publish interactive games for
video game consoles, personal computers, handheld devices and the Internet in
the United States and in other countries. Irdeto is authorized to act on behalf
of Activision whose copyright and other intellectual property rights it believes
to be infringed as described herein.

Irdeto is providing this notice pursuant to the Section 512 of Title 17 of the
U.S. Code (as enacted by the 'Online Copyright Infringement Liability Limitation
Act') to make Hosting Services, Inc. aware that the IP Address identified below
is using the services and systems of Hosting Services, Inc. to infringe the
exclusive copyright and other rights of one or more Activision works. This
notice is addressed to you as the agent designated by Hosting Services, Inc. to
receive notifications of claimed infringement.

Based on the information at its disposal on 30 Jan 2014 01:41:44 GMT, Irdeto has
a good faith belief that the subscriber using the IP address is
infringing the copyright rights of one or more Activision works by copying and
distributing unauthorized copies of game products (through peer-to-peer or
similar software/services), in violation of applicable copyright laws, through
internet access that Hosting Services, Inc. provides directly to the or through a downstream provider that purchases this access for The copyrighted works that have been infringed include but are
not limited to:

Title: Call of Duty
Notice ID: 290-130151357
Infringement Source: BitTorrent
Infringement Timestamp: 30 Jan 2014 01:41:44 GMT
Infringement Last Documented: 30 Jan 2014 01:41:44 GMT
URL (when applicable): pex
Infringer Username (if available):
Infringing Filename: Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Wii [PAL][danhuk][h33t]
Infringing Filesize: 3345207604
Infringer IP Address:
Infringer Port ID: 20772
Bay ID: d848ac65e5ae77893bf14aebf5535ec6088a12d9|3345207604

The unauthorized copies of game product are listed and/or identified thereon by
their titles or variations thereof, game-related
listings/references/descriptions, or depictions of game-related artwork. Such
copies, titles, game-related listings/references/descriptions, depictions, and
material that is the subject of infringing activities are hereinafter referred
to as "Infringing Material."

Given this infringing activity by, Irdeto urges Hosting Services,
Inc. to cooperate with its efforts to protect the intellectual property rights
of its members companies and immediately do the following:

1. Notify the account holder of the Infringing Material.
2. Take steps to stop the infringing activity.
3. Take appropriate action against the account holder under your Abuse
Policy/Terms of Service Agreement, including termination of repeat offenders
under Section 512(i) of Title 17 of the U.S. Code.

Irdeto believes that the information in this notification is accurate. Under
penalty of perjury, I hereby affirm that Irdeto is authorized to act on behalf
of Activision whose exclusive copyright rights we believe to be infringed as
described herein. Hosting Services, Inc. or the account holder may contact
Irdeto at the above-listed contact details, with email preferred. Please
include the above-noted Reference Number in the subject line of all email

Thank you for your cooperation and prompt response in this matter.


Andrew Beck
Irdeto USA, Inc.
3255-3 Scott Blvd. Suite 101 Santa Clara, CA 95054
Phone: 408-492-8500 fax: 408-727-6743

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Note: The information transmitted in this Notice is intended only for the person
or entity to which it is addressed and may contain confidential and/or
privileged material. Any review, reproduction, retransmission, dissemination or
other use of, or taking of any action in reliance upon, this information by
persons or entities other than the intended recipient is prohibited. If you
received this in error, please contact the sender and delete the material from
all computers.

This infringement notice contains an XML tag that can be used to automate the
processing of this data. If you would like more information on how to use this
tag please contact Irdeto.

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Irdeto USA, Inc
Andrew Beck
3255-3 Scott Blvd. Suite 101, Santa Clara, California
95054 United States of America



Call of Duty
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Wii


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Action that has been taken from Proxy.sh: Because the server is located in a jurisdiction with precise intellectual property laws, we have reset accounts who forwarded port 20772 (nothing may identify a single account) and we have blocked port 20772 via Firewall.