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PPTP (VPN) for Windows Mobile 6/7

Configuring your Windows Mobile 6 or 7 device to connect to our VPN network is quite simple. All you have to do is to follow the procedure described below.

1) When on the home screen, open the start menu and go to "Settings".

2) Now go to the "Connections" tab and click "Connections".

3) Select "Add a new VPN server connection".

4) Now, you need to choose:

    Name for the VPN connection: anything you want. "Proxy.sh PPTP" would fit, for example.
    Host name / IP: Use any PPTP server IP address from the list we gave you in your welcome email (or available in "My VPN Packages > Details > Servers/Netwrok")
    VPN type: PPTP

Click on "Next".

5) Input your credentials.

    User name: Your VPN account username
    Password: Your VPN account password
    Domain: leave blank

6) Click on "Advanced...".

7) Select "Use server-assigned IP address", disable "Use slip".

8) Now please go to the "Servers" tab.

9) Select "Use specific server address".

10) In "DNS", enter and in "Alt DNS", enter

11) Now click on "OK" and "Finish".

12) Go to "Edit my VPN servers".

13) Click on the new created connection and hold it, now select "Connect" in the popup menu.

14) A notification should now tell you that the connection is being made.

15) Now you should be connected. You can verify your new IP at websites like http://www.whatsmyip.org/

Attention: You need to add an exception to make the Internet Explorer work, otherwise the VPN will get disconnected.

Click Start -> Settings -> Connections (tab) -> Connections (icon) -> Advanced -> Select Networks -> Exceptions -> Add *.*

Note that once you added this exception, Internet Explorer will be unable to browse the internet without VPN.
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