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If you do not log anything, do you still monitor (live view) sometimes?

Like any professional and reliable supplier of Internet services, we need to undertake some maintenance from time to time, especially to respond to technical issues such as peering problems, traffic flooding (including DoS) and encryption verifications.

By responding to such problems, we need to root into the server hosting the VPN and we are thus being able to see the live traffic going through the server (usually thanks to Wireshark). This traffic is encrypted in various encryption levels depending whether it is an authentication or a traffic (data) packet. That means we are unable to see who’s who and what they are doing. Nonetheless, we are still able to see the incoming and outgoing connections: the people who are connected to our server, and the servers these people are accessing via our VPN.

To us, even though the identification of VPN users is made impossible due to encryption and also to the system’s design that places several users behind the same IP address, we believe that this could be a breach in your privacy.

Unlike the other VPN providers who believe they feel no responsibility to keep you updated when such a breach might occur, Proxy.sh will always keep you updated via the Network Alerts, when such an intervention needs to take place (and why).

Despite the fact that some people think this is not the right thing, it is important to understand that absolutely all the VPN providers need to undertake such interventions, and therefore, you should have a right to know what is going on, when and why. This is a terrible loophole in the industry that many miss, and that we are attempting to properly close with our approach of transparency.
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