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What are the Transparency Policy, Warrant Canary and Network Alerts?

There is not much difference between the Transparency Report, the Warrant Canary and the Network Alerts. The three sections are here to keep you updated about interventions occurring across our network, and they make up together our strategy towards transparency and full guarantee of the protection of your privacy.

Nonetheless, it is important that you understand the distinction between the three:

- The Transparency Report is here to keep you informed about abuse complaints we receive, and how we respond to them. This involves things such as DMCA, fraud, hack or spam alerts, but also warrants and law enforcement requests.

- The Warrant Canary is here to keep you informed about interventions from governments and local law enforcement agencies, that we are not supposed to inform the public or our customers about. It serves the same purpose as the Transparency Report, but for all the sensitive stuff where some weird law actually prevents us from speaking the truth out and protecting our customers’ privacy.

- The Network Alerts is where we inform you of internal interventions we undertake to keep our VPN network smoothly running. It is usually in response to DDoS attacks and other flooding issues. Unlike the other VPN providers, who would make an intervention behind the scenes and never acknowledge to the customers that they have been able to see the traffic going through the VPN, we always keep you updated when even ourselves might be able to assess the traffic going through a VPN.

In conclusion, these three sections are here to provide you guarantees of awareness when we or any third party needs to undertake some intervention across our VPN network.
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