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Can my government force you to release some details about me?

Our system is designed in such a way that it is impossible from the outside to identify and confirm your presence on the Internet. This is due to the fact that several customers are hidden behind the same IP address and no logs, either individual or global, are being kept. Hence, this means that the only way to identify a target on the VPN, except through compromising the system’s or the user’s security of course, is to come and inspect the server locally, and then to break the data encryption (AES-256) with sophisticated super-processors, given that they exist.

Our Ethical Policy makes it clear that when the law of a jurisdiction we have a VPN in, would require us to compromise your privacy (even if it is only by looking into encrypted traffic and without being able to identify who's who), we would do our best to not comply and to leave this jurisdiction.

Nonetheless, there may be some situations where we might be forced by the law to undertake an inspection, before we are able to leave, and this inspection could lead us to potentially retrieve an e-mail address, a password (hash form) and some encrypted logs generated ‘on-the-fly’ by a monitoring tool such as Wireshark that scans what occurs across the VPN in real time.

When such an inspection shall occur, you will be made informed of it either through our Transparency Report, our Network Alerts or (via the absence of) our Warrant Canary. Notifications added in the first two will be published on our Twitter account and will be made in advance by at least several days, so you can make sure to go offline while the intervention takes place, if you really want to ensure that your privacy does not get compromised.

Proxy.sh is thus the only VPN provider to clearly keep you informed when it is forced by a government to undertake any intervention that might compromise your privacy, even though the data a government may force us to retrieve is limited to an email address, a password and some encrypted logs with no plain individual identification.
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