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14/01/2018 [DMCA] Ghosted @ U.S. Florida 3 (13977)

Evidentiary Information:
Notice ID: IMxCVx-aaf0d6e3-eca2-4297-8851-49fc6364b80a
Asset: Ghosted
Infringing FileName: www.Torrenting.com -
Timestamp: 2018-01-11T22:37:13.000Z GMT
Last Seen Date: 2018-01-12T20:56:05.000Z GMT
File Size: 125005927
IP Address:
Port ID: 13977
Protocol: bittorrent
Infohash: 4f57b46f786e2ca01956dce197202362336574b3

Action that has been taken from Proxy.sh: Because the server is located in a jurisdiction with precise intellectual property laws, we have reset accounts who forwarded port 13977 (nothing may identify a single account) and we have blocked port 13977 via Firewall.