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L2TP (VPN) for Windows RT

The procedure for setting up L2TP on Windows RT is the same as the one for setting up PPTP. The tutorial for the latter can be found here.

However, you need first to input the correct proxy.sh IP for L2TP, which may be different from the PPTP one, and you also need to edit the network properties of the VPN connection, select the Security tab and change the Type of VPN to Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol with IPsec (L2TP/IPSEC) and the data encryption to Maximum strength encryption and deselect the CHAP authentication method. Click on Advanced settings.

Then enter the shared secret "security" in the field entitled 'Key'.

Then confirm everything and connect as per the instructions for PPTP tells you to.

If you cannot connect successfully, please open a support ticket and include a screentshot of your configuration and encountered errors. If you do not include a screenshot, it will be hard for us to help you resolve the issues you have with connecting to our network.
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