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OpenVPN for Synology

To connect to the Proxy.sh VPN network using Synology, we recommend yo uupgrade to at least version 6.0.2 in order to use OpenVPN.

To set up OpenVPN on Synology DSM (6.0.2) using an .ovpn file:

1) Go to Control Panel / Network.

2) Click on Create --> Create VPN Profile.

3) Select "OpenVPN (via importing a .ovpn file)", then click Next.

3) Specify a name for the VPN profile (this is just a label so it can be anything.

4) Enter VPN username and password.

5) Import the .ovpn file in the "Import .ovpn file" field.

6) Import the proxysh.crt in the "CA certificate" field.

7) Click Next.

8) Check all options (Use default gateway..., Allow other network devices..., Reconnect...)

9) Click Apply.

10) Select the new VPN connection and click "Connect".

11) Click on Manage --> Service Order.

12) If it is not already, move the VPN connection to the top of the list and hit OK.

Be advised that ports on client firewalls may need to be opened to allow communication through the ports specified in the .ovpn file.

VoilĂ , enjoy your safe connection at Proxy.sh with your beloved Synology device.