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I am unable to connect and my logs show some sort of error related to TAP.

Our VPN network is mainly based on OpenVPN, a tunnelling protocol that comes with both server and client software. So we ask you to use an OpenVPN client to connect to our network. This could well be OpenVPN GUI (official), Viscosity or Safejumper, our custom OpenVPN client hardcrafted with love.

Now, from time to time, you may experience difficulties to connect to our network with an OpenVPN client. We usually ask you to check your logs and give us a copy of them. With this said, it occurs that many times the error is related to "TAP driver" or "TAP device". You should be able to identify this by looking for the term "TAP" in your logs. Below is an example of the kind of problem you might encounter with the "TAP adapter".

Mon Jul 01 23:28:39 2013 CreateFile failed on TAP device: \\.\Global\{9BE2A4C0-D7F9-43DC-A5AC-A8D3E5B61BC9}.tap
Mon Jul 01 23:28:39 2013 All TAP-Windows adapters on this system are currently in use.
Mon Jul 01 23:28:39 2013 Exiting due to fatal error

The TAP device is basically the network interface that allows you to connect to the VPN network. For some reasons, it may be corrupted or unavaialble. The procedure to fix this problem is easy.

1) Grant administrator privileges to C:\Program Files\TAP-Windows\devcon.exe or to any devcon.exe daemon you might find on your system (it depends of where you have installed OpenVPN while installing your ciient).

2) Run C:\Program Files\TAP-Windows\deltapall

3) Run C:\Program Files\TAP-Windows\addtap

Now, try to connect again. There should no longer be any problem.
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