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Safejumper for Google Android

In order to easily connect to the proxy.sh network on Google Android, we recommend you to install and use our custom VPN client: Safejumper. 

Install the Safejumper App

On your Mobile Device, go to Google Play. Find Safejumper there and click Install. You can also get it from the following link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.proxy.sh.safejumper

If you are prompted for permissions, click Accept.

Start Safejumper

Click Open once the installation has been finished.

Alternatively, start the Safejumper app by tapping its icon.

Collect Your VPN Credentials

Select the Panel tab to collect your proxy.sh VPN username and password.

How to Connect?

Select the Connect tab.

Enter your VPN credentials into Username and Password. If you want to save them, check the Remember my details box. Notice: The password is case-sensitive.

Now tap Sign In.

Select a Server Location

Select your favorite location in the displayed list of server locations.

Select a Server Port

Select a port on the next screen. We recommend TCP port 80 for improved stability.

You Are Connected

When you're protected, the Safejumper icon is white and the Key icon appears on the action bar.

In the Safejumper interface, the status turns to "You Are Connected".

That's it, you are now secure!
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