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Do you offer static or dynamic IP addresses?

If you purchase a proxy.sh package, you will randomly get access to one location and one static IP address for each proxy technology we offer. Sometimes, the location and the IP might remain the same for various proxy technologies. Nevertheless, because all of this is random, you can be sure that it's somehow a dynamic IP you'll get for every package you purchase (or if you choose to replace an existing one with a fresh account). The reason because we use static IP is regarding the fact that truly dynamic IP no longer really exists, and that you need a really big pool of IPs, often located in the United States, to achieve some dynamism (though dynamism is to be understood here as switching randomly of static IPs between every connection - after a short lapse, you run out of fresh IPs and therefore dynamic IP no longer means anything). Hence, that is not the aim of proxy.sh to deliver dynamic IP. Instead, we aim to find the best locations possible, in terms of privacy achievement, for releasing static IPs you can connect to.
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