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09/06/2015 [HACK] Columbia County Sheriff's Office @ U.S. Arizona 1 (80/X)

Mr. -, I am an Investigator with the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office located in Appling, GA in the United States.  Recently one of our Fire Departments received a prank phone call where the unknown caller made terroristic threats.  It was discovered the caller used a general Google Voice phone number to complete the call.  The Google account information of the caller was obtained.  The IP address used when the Google account was established appears to have been used through a proxy server, -. (based out of Czech Republic) on 5/5/2015 at 1204 hours UTC.  According to Secure Servers the IP address that accessed their server also utilized your server.  We wish to obtain any available information you may be able to provide as to the IP address that accessed your server during that time in hopes of tracking the person.  I have attached documents to help better assist you and also provided the response I received from Secure Servers below.  We are happy to comply with any request you have in order to release the information.  Thank you for your time. Dear -,
Sure I'll help you with this issue. IP address is assigned to VPS container of our customer since 23/11/2012. Here are the details of the owner:
Most likely the server with IP address is used as proxy/VPN gateway, so the best way to process with further investigation is to contact Mr. -.
But based our experience, it's extremely difficult to find the person who made the fraudulent/criminal activities. Usually they use a chain of proxy/VPN servers or even the traffic is going through infected PC's (a kind of botnet).
Anyway, I hope the information I sent you will help with the investigation.
If you have any questions, please contact me.
 Investigator Marc CappaColumbia County Sheriff's Office2273 County Camp Rd.Appling, GA 30802Office# 706-541-4024Fax# 706-541-3897Dispatch# 706-541-2800mcappa@columbiacountyso.org

Action that has been taken from Proxy.sh: Because our services are non-logging and all our users are pooled behind a unique public IP, it is technically impossible for us to identify any end user. We have informed M. Cappa that we are unable to help out.
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