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I cannot connect with Safejumper on Windows 8. My logs are completely empty.

Safejumper and OpenVPN at large, employ a custom-modified driver that is entitled the TAP driver for Windows, in order to create the possibility to connect Windows computers and devices to OpenVPN tunnels.

Unfortunately, to this date, Microsoft has always refused to either integrate on its own OpenVPN or to officially recognize the OpenVPN TAP driver. This results in Safejumper and OpenVPN being, under some circumstances, non-functional on Windows 8 due to the latest security features Microsoft has brought to it.

If you install Safejumper or OpenVPN, that you cannot connect and that your logs are completely empty, this generally means that the OpenVPN TAP driver hasn't been installed. In order to double check this, just go to your Control Panel and then go to your Network Adapters in order to double check whether there is a TAP driver next to your Ethernet and/or WiFi adapters.

If the TAP driver is present, you should remove it. You should also remove Safejumper and/or OpenVPN completely and re-install them again. If the TAP driver is absent, this probably means your system is restricting the installation of unofficial drivers such as the OpenVPN TAP driver, and that the latter did not get installed during the setup of Safejumper.

In order to remove such Windows 8 restriction and be able to install the OpenVPN TAP driver on Windows 8, you need to disable driver signature enforcement. This option is available in your startup settings. Once you are located in these settings, you will have to press F7 to confirm the disabling and have your system restarted.

To access the startup settings, you have multiple ways but the two mains are described below.

Method 1

1. Hold down either SHIFT key while tapping or clicking on Restart, available from any Power icon.

    Tip: Power icons are available in Windows 8 from either the Settings charm or from the logon/lock screen.

    Note: This method does not seem to work with the on-screen keyboard. You'll need to have a physical keyboard connected to your computer or device to open the Advanced Startup Options menu this way.

2. Wait while the Advanced Startup Options menu opens.

Method 2

1. Swipe from the right to open the charms bar.

    Tip: If you have a keyboard, use WIN+I and then skip to Step 3.

2. Tap or click on Settings.

3. Tap or click on Change PC settings at the bottom of the charms bar.

4. Choose General from the vertical list of options on the left of the PC settings window.

5. Locate Advanced startup, all the way at the bottom of the list of options on your right.

6. Tap or click on Restart now.

7. Wait through the Please wait message until Advanced Startup Options opens.


Once you have disabled driver signature enforcement from the startup options and that you have restarted your Windows 8 system, please install again Safejumper and/or OpenVPN and make sure you install the TAP driver by clicking "install anyway" when you are prompted by a security warning. Safejumper and OpenVPN should now work flawlessly.
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