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I am connected to the VPN but my IP is not yet hidden. Help!

Sometimes, your ISP or your local network might have improper configurations resulting in what is generally known as a "DNS leak". This leak often results in the VPN being useless to effectively hide your IP address.

In order to solve that, we recommend that you set your DNS network to OpenDNS or Google. Actually, we recommend to use Google rather than other DNS servers. However, here's a list of DNS servers you can use:

GoogleDNS: +
ComodoDNS: +
OpenDNS: +
UltraDNS: +
NortonDNS: +

If you would like to learn how to update your DNS settings, please have a look at the following instructions given from Google.

Finally, if you are really paranoid or that Google by a way or another censors the content you wish to access, you can use our free custom ICANN/OpenNIC DNS servers by using the following details.

     Primary: dns1.proxy.sh or (Netherlands)
     Secondary: dns2.proxy.sh or (U.S. New York)

We also have a round-robin hub at the following address: dns.proxy.sh
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