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Safejumper for Windows 7

In order to easily connect to the proxy.sh network on Windows, we recommend you to install and use our custom VPN client: Safejumper.

Download the Safejumper Installation Package

Click the following link to obtain the Safejumper software: https://proxy.sh/windows 

Run the Installer

Navigate to the directory where you saved the Safejumper installation file.

Right-click the file and select Run as administrator.

Allow the installer to make changes to your computer by clicking Yes in the displayed popup.

Set the Installation Location

Choose the installation directory for Safejumper. It is safe to leave the default location untouched. However, you can install the software to another directory.

Click Install to continue.

Enter your Windows administrator password if you are asked to.

Start the Installation

Once you have clicked Next, the installer will begin to install Safejumper.

Install TAP-Windows Provider V9 Network Adapter

To confirm the TAP-Windows Provider V9 Network adapter installation, click Install in the displayed popup.

Complete the Installation

Your installation is now complete. Click Close.

How to Run Safejumper?

The installer has placed the Safejumper GUI icon on your desktop. So, to launch the application, right-click the icon and select Run as administrator.

Tip: You can mark the application to always run with administrator privileges. Refer to the Windows documentation for instructions.

How to Login?

The Safejumper dialog requesting a username and a password pops up.

Enter your VPN credentials into Username and Password. If you want to save them, check the Remember me box. Notice: The password is case-sensitive.

Now click Login.

How to Connect?

Click Connect in the main application window.


In the system tray, there is a new icon showing a globe. The red color indicates you are not connected. Right-click the icon and select Connect.

You Are Connected

When you're protected, the Safejumper icon is green.

In the Safejumper interface, the status turns to "Connected!"

That's it, you are now secure!

How to Select a Country and a Port — Step 1

In the application window, click on the Location, IP or protocol.

How to Select a Country and a Port — Step 2

From the first drop-down menu, select a protocol and its port.

From the next drop-down menu, choose a country.

Click Connect.

How to Jump to Another Location

Click Jump in the main application window.


Right-click the Safejumper icon located in the system tray. Select Jump to Faster to connect to the server with lowest load. Switch Country will make you jump to a random country.

How to Define Settings — Step 1

Click Settings in the main application window.

How to Define Settings — Step 2

Settings are available for you to enjoy more deeply Safejumper and have it do the right thing on certain conditions.

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