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I am unable to connect successfully. How can I find out?

This page provides an overview of some of the most common reasons our customers are unable to connect to our VPN service.

. Authentication (username/password) issues. Please read the article on how to fix authentication issues to ensure that you are entering the correct username and password.

- Software firewall blocking connection. The easiest way to test if the firewall is blocking with your VPN connection is to disable it and try connecting again. If the VPN connects whilst the firewall is disabled you'll need to setup an exception in order to use the VPN while the firewall is running. The procedure for this will vary depending on your firewall software, please consult your vendors manual or support forum. In some cases customers have had success completely unisntalling the firewall and then reinstalling it whilst the VPN is connected.

- Server unreachable. Are you able to reach the server from your current location? You can do this by opening a command prompt (cmd.exe on Windows) or a terminal window on Mac/Linux and typing 'ping' followed by the server name.
- Conflicting software/software misconfiguration. By installing the software on a 2nd PC (or a friends) you can quickly eliminate any possibility that something on your PC is causing the problem.
- Low system resources or configuration changes waiting to be applied. Many problems can be resovled by simply rebooting your PC and attempting to reconnect.

- Geographical restrictions. You may be in a country or with an ISP that blocks L2TP/IPSec VPN connections, such as Oman, UAE, Belize and others. If so, try connecting using an OpenVPN TCP connection if your device is compatible with OpenVPN, as these stealth connections are significantly more difficult to block.

- Windows UAC. Customers have found that disabling UAC will sometimes allow OpenVPN to work when all other soltuons have been tested.

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