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PPTP (VPN) for TP-Link Router

In order to set up access to proxy.sh PPTP servers on your TP-Link Router, simply follow the steps described below.

        1) Open the router's web configuration page and log in as admin. Default IP address of router is

        1) Download the latest firmware version and install it on the router

        1) At the HOME screen choose "Basic Settings -> Network -> WAN".

        1) In "WAN Settings" part choose option "WAN Connection Type" and then choose option "PPTP".

        1) Fill your proxy.sh PPTP username and password.

        1) Then choose "Dynamic IP" and fill the proxy.sh PPTP hostname or IP address given in your welcome email
            or your panel's product details. All other values should stay at default values.

        1) Click on "Save" button. Then click on "Connect" button and test if internet is working
            and IP address has changed. (You can test it at whatismyip.com)

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