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How can I improve my speed with your proxy?

Proxy.sh is really committed to providing you the best possible service we can. You need to know that we never throttle any server and that we always make sure that servers are not overloaded. Nevertheless, if you experience generally slow speeds and that you believe your original Internet connection is much better than what you get while hidden by proxy, we have few tips for you. First of all, you can go to our private tutorials in this knowledgebase and find out private articles on how to gear up your connection to our proxy. Secondly, you can make sure the proxy you are connected to is located nearby your country. If not, try to upgrade to a US $10 account and switch to a better location (after doing speedtests to all our locations, as our agent will recommend after you raise a support ticket to him). Finally, try to switch to other proxy technologies, sometimes it might help, especially if you choose OpenVPN which is known sometimes to be slower than other technologies.
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