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Convert your VPN package into an anonymous token credential

Proxy.sh is one among the firsts in the VPN industry to have implemented a token-based authentification system to the VPN network. This allows you to add yet another layer of anonimity to the way you use the Proxy.sh services.

This option is available in the package details’ view of any VPN package. All you need to do in order to enable it is to click the button “Convert my VPN credentials into a single anonymous token”. It will allow you to convert your VPN product into a single hash that can in turn be used as username and password to log into the Proxy.sh VPN network.

Most importantly, this conversion will completely remove the VPN product and any associated invoice from our system. The end hash will be stored alone, and not linked to any panel account. This way, not only we know nothing about your payment details, but we will not even know that you own an account with us.

This token-based authentification system will also allow us to provide tokens to third-party resellers, adding yet an intermediary between us and the end-user.

NB1: You can use the tokens as username/password with any VPN client, either OpenVPN (Safejumper, Viscosity, Tunnelblick, etc.) as well as L2TP/SoftEther clients.

NB2: Please note that we do not provide any customer service for tokens.