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CGIProxy (Web) for Windows XP

In order to safely connect to the Internet using CGIProxy, all you need to do is simply launch your favourite Internet browser such as Mozilla Firefox (or any other including but not limited to Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, etc.) and then input as destination address in the URL bar, the CGIProxy's URL given in your proxy.sh credentials.

You will then be prompted by a username and password, both also provided as VPN credentials, shown in your welcome email or your product details.

Example of CGIProxy main page using Mozilla Firefox on MacOSX.

Once you have reached the CGIProxy main page, simply input any HTTP, HTTPS or FTP address in the textfield shown in order to access these addresses with your IP and location hidden. Please note though that some location services might still go through unprotected via items like Adobe Flash objects.

In order to shut down your connection to CGIProxy, simply close your Internet browser and clean your cache/cookies. You can learn from this page how to do that.
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