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What is the Boost package and network all about?

The Boost package and add-ons basically allow you to access the Boost network. This network is made of additional VPN nodes hosted on the fastest lines of the Internet. We currently serve Boost nodes in U.S. West Coast (Freemont, CA) U.S. East Coast (Newark, NY), U.S. South (Dallas, TX), United Kingdom (London), Germany (Frankfurt), Singapore (Singapore) and Japan (Tokyo). We also plan to add presence in France and Canada soon.

The difference between the Boost nodes and the other VPN nodes is that the Boost nodes have a capacity of up to 50Gbps instead of only 1Gbps for the regular VPN nodes. Bandwidth consumption is also metered and regulated to ensure the fastest access to content hosted on major CDN.

Getting access to the Boost network will not affect your access to the other VPN nodes. It will simply give you access to more nodes that are uniquely crafted to let you achieve great speeds behind a VPN.

Finally, the Boost network is entirely protected behind a strongly-configured firewall and no port forwarding is possible on this network. The quality of bandwidth comes at an extra price and with restrictions; it is something we are unable to alter, as it is imposed by our bandwidth suppliers.

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