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Ethical policy

As an Internet service provider, Proxy.sh must strive for net neutrality and disregard any form of intervention with its users activity. Nonetheless, we at Proxy.sh believe the world is not perfect, and sometimes righteous tools might be used to noxious ends. It is in such spirit that we hereby declare that we operate our network with excellent ethical principles.

When we receive an abuse notice about a critical issue, we will take the decision to forward the notice to legitimate authorities. Issues we consider as critical involve:

• Paedophilia;
• Physical supply of materials directly harmful to human beings (drugs, weapons, etc.);
• Activities planning and executing the death of other human beings (assassination, bombing, etc.);
• Identity theft to the extent of committing crimes on the behalf of someone else.

As we receive an abuse notice about any of the issues listed above, we will publish it to our Transparency Report. We will also issue a Network Alert about the server that has been affected. We will relay both these updates on our Twitter account. It will allow you to disconnect or no longer use the affected server for obvious security reasons.

We believe that a transparent but also active management of our network is what makes Proxy.sh the finest VPN provider, and one of the best online privacy tool.

We also wish to emphasize that we will not show such a pro-active behavior with other sorts of abuse. For all other notices, we will simply publish them to our transparency report and provide the appropriate legal response to our upstream provider, without actively alerting authorities.

Furthermore, we are based in the Republic of Seychelles and if any domestic law or constraint contradicts our mission and values, we will not hesitate to relocate into another location. Additionally, if we are forced to close business due to such ethical principles, we will provide refund to all our present customers within the cash budget we have at our disposal.

Last updated - 17/10/2016
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