It is with great excitement that we proudly announce to you that we have released our custom VPN client, Safejumper, available at for Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 (32/64bits), at for Linux Debian/Ubuntu (64bits) and at for Linux Debian/Ubuntu (32bits). Safejumper is a simple VPN client that allows you to access the within a single click. Just enter your VPN credentials and press connect to access securely the Internet. Safejumper is based on a cross-platform code fully compatible with Windows and Linux. We plan to release a Mac version once we have stabilized certain aspects of the code. In the mean time, we're recommending our Mac customers to use Tunnelblick. Finally, we hope to release mobile versions of Safejumper, for both iOS and Android, during the course of the year. We hope you will enjoy it.