Here at we strive to run our operation as a non-for-profit entity. We use our profits to compensate for the time inputted by our staff members, and we use what is left to advance in research & development.

After having increased our encryption methods, deployed several new technology standards, improved our philosophy & transparency and made our user experience simpler, we told you we were investing in open source development to make Safejumper better and more innovative.

Your patience has been valuable. We are now happy to announce the release of the new Safejumper. This new version, always open source brings more stability but most importantly, it implements three new encryption standards in addition to our standard RSA 4096-bit:

1) Safejumper is now compatible with ECC curves from OpenVPN's latest alpha build. Tutorial here.

2) Safejumper is now compatible with both ECC curves and XOR scrambling option from OpenVPN's latest alpha build. Tutorial here.

3) Safejumper integrates TOR's obfsproxy library and is compatible with obfsproxy to connect via OpenVPN to our network. Tutorial here.

We hope you will appreciate the many months of hard work and valuable money we have invested in this build. We hope this will show our dedication to the future and will help you make the right decision to stay with us.

We are now focusing again on further development, especially with our network's capacity and expansion.

Stay tuned, as always!