now supports SoftEther VPN across its entire network

The entire team is extremely proud to announce that we are now supporting SoftEther VPN throughout our network. SoftEther is a solid open-source VPN bundle that integrates several protocols ranging from OpenVPN to SSTP. It has been developed at the University of Tsukuba in Japan. From this date, we are announcing that we are progressively depreciating PPTP which is completely...

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Network alerts, not updated = something wrong?

We have received much feedback from our beloved users regarding the fact that some nodes were going offline for a short or prolonged time and nothing either in the warrant canary, the transparency report and most specifically the network alerts was pointing out to the situation. Such feedback also pointed out that our network alerts have not been updated since December 2013. So, what happened?...

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Email templates have now been improved

Thanks to the feedback we received from our beloved users over past few weeks, we have just added some improvements to our email templates. Your VPN credentials are now contained in a entry that expires after first view/after you have accessed it once. Our IPs and hosts are also contained in various entries, listing both IPs and hostnames. Finally, we have removed...

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PaySafeCard is no longer supported

We are saddened to learn that PaySafeCard has now completely stopped working with VPN providers. Like any other VPN provider, we are affected and we regret to inform you that we will no longer be able to process such a payment method. Nonetheless, we are still accepting Ukash and Mint as prepaid cards. Thank you for your comprehension. now provides OpenVPN over SSL with stunnel

We are happy to announce that we have successfully rolled our stunnel across our entire VPN network. This will allow our users to connect to our OpenVPN network over SSL. This has been demanded by many of our customers, especially those from China. Connecting to our OpenVPN network over SSL will allow you to bypass a large variety of network restrictions. You can learn more about how to...

Read more introduces anonymous token auth

We are extremely happy to announce that we have implemented a token-based authentification system to our VPN network. This will allow you to add yet another layer of anonimity to the way you use the services. 
This option is available in the package details’ view of any VPN package. All you need to do in order to enable it is to click the button “Convert my VPN...

Read more introduces exclusive Custom Domains mapping

Once again, we the folks behind are extremely proud to announce you yet another small but useful addition we have brought to our services: the Domains Control Center. Found at, the Domains Control Center, also available via the entry “Custom Domain” in the panel’s sidebar, will allow you to point your own domain to our network. This will allow you...

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Safejumper for Mac OS is now compatible with Yosemite

We are happy to announce that we have just fixed up Safejumper for Mac OS X in order to make it compatible with Yosemite. You can download it here if you encounter bugs with Safejumper on Yosemite. We're sorry for the delay guys but Apple caught us short on this one ;) We are continuing the development of the new Safejumper. It should be available within next two to three weeks. It will be...

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Introducing the (quite useful)' email control

We are quite happy to announce that we have implemented an email control section that will allow you to inform the VPN network's firewall about the email servers and ports you would like to use. You can find it at  and you simply need to enter the hostname and port of your email server, then disconnect and reconnect to the VPN network, in order to be...

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Safejumper for iOS has now been fixed up

We are happy to announce that Safejumper for iOS is again available on Itunes/App store. We are also working hard on fixing Safejumper for Mac OS in order to make it compatible with Yosemite. We'll keep you updated as soon as we can. Stay tuned.

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