Torrent Leak Test added to our Security Check

We are very happy to announce that we just added a Torrent Leak Test to our Security Check section . This test has been designed using the IPmagnet tool . We hope it will be proven as helpful to you in order to protecet your online privacy. Stay tuned for more.

Port forwarding indication added to Network Status

We would like to announce that we've just added a new column to our Network Status page, entitled 'PF'. This column refers to 'Port Forwarding' or the option to add some settings in the VPN node's NAT/firewall configuration in order to make sure some ports are opened and letting packets through. We've decided to add an indication as to whether port forwarding is enabled or disabled on a...

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New VPN nodes added in Germany and France

We are happy to announce that we just added new VPN nodes in Germany and France. We should continue growing our network in the coming weeks. Thanks for sticking with, the only VPN provider that keeps you updated in real time about what happens behind the scenes.

New servers added in France, Germany, U.S. and United Kingdom

We are happy to announce that we just added some VPN nodes in France, Germany, United Kingdom and in few states across the United States such as Washington, Washington D.C. or yet again Utah. We will now focus on adding VPN nodes in Australia as well as eventually open a presence in Finland and Malta or Cyprus, two much demanded locations. Enjoy! joins "Reset the Net" campaign

Today we are proud to announce that we are taking part in the "Reset the Net" campaign.

New servers added in Netherlands, Texas, Pennsylvania, Ukraine & France

We are proud to announce that we have yet again extended our network with new servers added in the Netherlands, U.S. states of Texas and Pennsylvania as well as Ukraine and France. This deployment responds to the growing usage our customers have recently made across these locations. If you would like us to consider a new country or a new addition in an existing location, please don't hesitate...

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New VPN nodes added in Germany, Czech Republic, Brazil, South Africa and Australia

In order to cope with our growing customer base, we have just added new servers in Germany, Czech Republic, Brazil, South Africa and Australia. We will, as always, continue to grow our network with respect to the growing needs of our customers. We are happy to be one of the fastest growing network in the industry, and we will strive to continue to do so in future. Enjoy!

Improved stability for Coinbase/Bitcoin gateway

We are happy to announce that we have improved the stability of our Coinbase/Bitcoin payment gateway. The latter was sometimes not catching up the payment made, resulting in delay for the customer to get manual processing from a staff member. This is now history as our engineering unit was able to tackle the bug that made Coinbase's pingback server failed to contact us from time to time. You...

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We are happy to announce that we now provide a pair of DNSCrypt public resolvers, one in the United States (New York) and one in the European Union (Germany). You can take a look at this article to learn more about how to use them. We hope this addition will provide you with yet another useful layer of security and will contribute to making sure that your privacy is truly protected. We are...

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Introducing our VPN config generator & security check

We are happy to announce that we have just implemented two new features to our panel. The VPN configuration generator is available at and allows you to generate an OpenVPN configuration with embedded certificate and precise tweaks for your OS, your desired tunnel location(s) and network settings. It is quite simple to use: you just have to select your OS, then the...

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