indeed safe against Poodle, so should you

We are happy to announe that is entirely safe against the Poodle vulnerability. Most of our componenets were safe and those using SSLv3 such as a web server for Paste have been patched few hours following 0day news came out. We strongly recommend that you also take preventive measure against this security issue by following instructions found all around the web . Stay safe everyone.

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Automated Bitcoin payments are back

We are happy to announce that automated Bitcoin payments through Coinbase are now back in service. The end funds are currently transferred to a temporary account until a better situation is found. You can now feel free to resume Bitcoin orders without the need to go through a manual ticket submission.

Bitcoin gateway temporarily broken

Our Bitcoin payment gateway with Coinbase is currently broken due to some issues at Coinbase. You may send your Bitcoins manually to 1C3GHqJYuZNU4HND8NLN3QYgvUAMoQaHrm and then open a support ticket with the Blockchain details of your payment to get your due invoice marked as paid. We hope to be able to resume automated Bitcoin payments within the next 24 to 48 hours. secure against 'ShellShock' bash vulnerability

We are happy to announce that following the ShellShock bash vulnerability announced on September, 24th 2014, we have successfully patched all our servers. Our main servers (web, database, auth) were patched few minutes after 0day was published, while the VPN nodes and extra servers were all progressively patched within 48 hours (most of them were patched within less than 4 hours). Your...

Read more launches its Speed Assistant to let you find the fatest VPN node

The entire is really proud to announce that we have now rolled up the latest of our features: the Speed Assistant , which may be found directly at  This new section lets you test your download and upload speeds with any VPN node belonging to our network and that you have access to. This allows you to find the fastest node part of our network, in order...

Read more launches Boost network to cope with VPN speed issues

Today, the entire team is truly proud to announce the latest addition to its product line: the Boost network. It has been many months since we first talked about that option, and it is now an excitement to be able to roll it out to you. The Boost network is both a new VPN package and an add-on that can be mounted to existing VPN packages . It basically gives you access to an...

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Generate OpenVPN configurations with Obfsproxy in one click

We are happy to announce that we have just implemented a small addition to our OpenVPN Configuration Generator . If you click "Advanced", you will see "Obfsproxy" added as an option. If you click on it, the list of servers you can select to make up your configuraiton file will be auto-updated with the servers compatible with obfsproxy. The resulting configuration file will be one compatible...

Read more now provides stealth mode for VPN with obfsproxy

Today the entire team is extremely proud to announce that we have successfully deployed our much awaited “stealth mode” for OpenVPN. This mode will allow you to obfuscate the fact that you are using OpenVPN. In other words, you will make sure that network administrators remain unable to detect your usage of a VPN. The objective can be twofold: to add yet another layer of...

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Torrent leak test added to our security check

We are happy to announce that we just added a Torrent leak test to our security check. This script is based on IPmagnet, a torrent IP tracker script that allows to quickly double check the IP that is leaking through your Torrent client. Please take a look at and click on "Torrent Leak Test" button to run the test. Enjoy!

Very minor update to Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

We are happy to announce that we have just updated our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, as a result of some feedback we've received from jhehe . The Terms of Service has seen the sentence " You consent to service of process in any legal proceeding" turned into "You consent to service of process in any legal proceeding that arises from an appropriate local or national court located in...

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