New panel and Safejumper updates

We are happy to inform you that we have fixed several bugs associated with our new panel, especially one related to Bitcoin payments and another to anonymous tokens, all of this thanks to your awesome feedback. We are also excited to announce that a new version of Safejumper has been published with several fixes in stability. We are now working on implementing TOR's obfsproxy and OpenVPN's...

Read more now provides VPN in Mexico

We are happy to announce that we have deployed a VPN presence in Mexico. This has been a much-requested location. Please do not hesitate to keep us updated if you wish to expand its network in another particular country. Enjoy your stay!

Tutorials for Safejumper now improved and online

We're happy to announce that we have now published all the guides for Safejumper, especially on Windows, Mac and Linux. You can check them out at  and we hope you will like them. Together with the new Safejumper, they should bring you a simpler approach to VPN services. Enjoy!

Safejumper's build 30 now out, with Linux version

We are extremely happy to announce that we just released the 30th build of Safejumper. You can now use it on not only Windows, Mac, Android and iOS but also on Linux. We indeed provide the latter via  in different package versions for the various Linux distribs.  We hope this new version will bring a new experience to the way you securely connect to the VPN...

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Switch between Ukraine, Netherlands & United Kingdom

We would like to inform you that Ukraine is no longer part of the $2 and $5 packages, and it has been moved to the $10 package. Netherlands is now available in the $2 package as a replacement, and United Kingdom is now part of the $5 package as a replacement to Ukraine. This move follows movement in bandwidth costs between the various countries. If you have an active $5 membership and you...

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Safejumper's build 29 now out

We are happy to announce that the build 29 of Safejumper is now out on Windows and Mac. This build includes all the advanced options we used to have, such as the kill switch option. We now need few more days to complete the development of the Linux version. Stay tuned!

Introducing the “new”

Over the past several months, we have invested tremendous efforts to build several important improvements to our services and products line. We are now happy to finally summarise what has been achieved or released recently.   I) A refreshing website   We have launched a new website at with an improved user interface and experience. The website boasts latest...

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Introducing a new website and panel

We are extremely proud to announce that we have deployed a new website layout and a new template for our panel. These are the conclusions of many weeks of hard work, and we hope it will provide you with a better user experience. We have also introduced some new features, and the site is covering some new aspects that we have yet to release. In the next couple of days, we will write another blog...

Read more now serving VPN in South Korea and preparing surprises

We are happy to announce that we are now serving VPN in South Korea. We are also extremely excited to let you know that in the coming weeks, we will update our website, our panel and our VPN client. This is going to be a massive update. Stay tuned.

New servers in multiple countries

We are happy to announce that we have collected sufficient profits over past months to being able to invest in new servers across several countries such as the United States, Netherlands, United Kingdom, France or Germany. You should now see several added nodes for each of these locations. We are also working hard on a new website, a new VPN client and some new features. Stay tuned, as always.

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