New servers in multiple countries

We are happy to announce that we have collected sufficient profits over past months to being able to invest in new servers across several countries such as the United States, Netherlands, United Kingdom, France or Germany. You should now see several added nodes for each of these locations. We are also working hard on a new website, a new VPN client and some new features. Stay tuned, as always. extends its VPN network to Costa Rica & Kyrgyzstan

We are extremely happy to announce that we have now added Costa Rica & Kyrgyzstan as available end-points to our VPN network. Costa Rica is a growing offshore centre while Kyrgyzstan is part of another geopolitical block. We believe the presence of such variety of locations in our VPN network makes the experience at quite unique. Please stay tuned for more exciting news this month.

Our ethical policy has been rewritten, clarified & improved

We are happy to announce that we have just updated our Ethical Policy with a revisited text. In fine, this new Ethical Policy essentially remains the same. It explains we will actively alert legitimate authorities when a truly noxious abuse occurs across our network whereas we will at the same time transparently inform our users about both the abuse and our attitude towards it. We believe...

Read more now serving VPN tunnels in Slovakia, Norway, Pakistan & Serbia

We are extremely happy to announce that we have extended our VPN presence in Slovakia, Norway, Pakistan & Serbia. We will soon open a VPN node in Denmark as well. If you have any suggestion, please do not hesitate to get in touch. strives to constantly evolve and improve itself.

Safejumper for Android yet again updated

We are happy to announce that Safejumper for Android has been yet again updated. It now works in pair with OpenVPN's ICS project so as to make sure to always use the latest OpenVPN library available. You can try it out @ and let us know what you think about this new built. We will certainly update it to the Google Store later this week. We're also...

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Information about leaks and encryption weaknesses now highlighted

We are happy to announce that we have now highlighted all our documentation and information about potential leaks and encryption weaknesses associated with the use of a VPN solution. Such a notice is added to all our Welcome Emails that are delivered once you order a new set of VPN credentials. It basically points out to as well as remind that PPTP, L2TP and CGIProxy...

Read more now supports Litecoin, Dogecoin & other cryptocurrencies

As a beloved customer, you know well that the respect of your privacy and the experimentation in anonymising solutions are the two true leitmotiv that makes us do what we do here at We love to bring to you new algorithms, new tips about security, new extras. With this said, it has been quite a while now that we haven't brought any improvement to our payment methods. It is,...

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Network leaks added to our Knowledgebase

We are happy to inform our beloved customers that we have completed the redaction of a new knowledgebase category: Network Leaks . This section aims at giving you as much information as possible about potential security issues that could affect your privacy when using a VPN. Indeed, connecting to a VPN network alone is not sufficient to protect you against all the privacy leaks that may...

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Android users, we have now released a new, more stable Safejumper

We are extremely happy to announce that we have now released an updated version of Safejumper for Android. You can download it from  completely for free. Please note that you should remove the previous version of Safejumper if you have it installed, as it has been completely depreciated.  This new version of...

Read more is proudly and transparently offering OpenVPN network with ECC & XOR

The entire team is extremely happy to announce that we are now offering to all our customers unconditional access to our OpenVPN network supported by ECC encryption and XOR scrambling/obfuscating capacity. You can learn more how to connect to our ECC-powered OpenVPN network by following our knowledgebase instructions . This network will offer to you a higher level of encryption so...

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