launches the best security check:

We are extremely happy here at to announce to you that we have completed a project that we have been working on for the past year or so as a side endeavour to running our operations. is a simple, elegant, responsive and secure website that will allow you to check your Internet device against various network leaks such as GPS, DNS, IPv6, email, torrent or WebRTC...

Read more faces huge DDoS, successfully mitigated

We were the victims of a huge DDoS attack late in the evening at GMT. The attack lasted for about 12 hours but has been fully mitigated after less than 5 hours. Only our frontend shop was affected, preventing new users from signing up, but the VPN network remained fully protected. We have now strengthened our site's frontend, ready for winter to come. We are happy to remain strong and yet also...

Read more now supports dozens of cryptocurrencies

We are proud to announce that we now support dozens of cryptocurrencies as payment method. You can select CoinPayments as gateway in order to pay us with Litecoin, Monero and much more.

OKPay now unavailable until further notice

As you must have noticed, OKPay has just been acquired by another company. We have decided to remove it as a payment gateway here on until we can review the new terms and undertake a proper analysis of the new parent company. We will bring them back or implement another payment gateway once our analysis is completed. Stay tuned.

Safejumper, build 78, now out, more stable on Mac

We are happy to announce that we have just released build 78 of Safejumper, our open source OpenVPN client. It is now made much more stable on Mac. We hope you will notice and appreciate the improvements. Stay tuned.

Safejumper, build 77, is now out for Windows, Mac & Linux

We're happy to announce that we've once again updated our desktop client, Safejumper. It now has a better stability with TOR's obfsproxy new standards (obfs3 and scramblesuit). It also comes with several fixes for Linux, as well as for special displays and SSD-only devices. We hope you'll enjoy the efforts we put into this open source software.

New Safejumper out, more stable, comes with obfs3 & scramblesuit

We are truly happy to announce that we have just released a new version of Safejumper for Desktop. It comes with more stability, especially for Linux. And we have also implemented support for obfs3 and scramblesuit into it, two TOR's obfsproxy variants. These options will allow you to be even more secure and discreet across networks. Please enjoy!

Bitcoin payments are now fully stable, thanks to Bitpay

After much tumults going through Coinbase, and others, we have finally settled with Bitpay to improve the way we accept Bitcoin. Their blockchain confirmation process is much more stable than that of the others. You should now expect your Bitcoin payments to be processed in a much faster fashion than it used to be the case before with Coinbase and others. Enjoy!

New Safejumper out, TOR's obfs3/scramblesuit included

We are truly happy to announce that we have upgraded our custom OpenVPN software Safejumper for Desktop to build 7 4. It now includes support for TOR's obfsproxy versions obfs3 and scramblesuit, giving you always more options to bypass monitoring and restrictions. We will follow up this work with a new release in coming weeks to finalise our sprint with software development. Enjoy your stay!

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New version of Safejumper out, more stable with TOR & ECC/XOR

We are pleased to announce that we just released a new version of Safejumper. It is way more stable. It has a more beautiful Windows version, with its own interface. You can also use it across various Mac accounts. And it works with more and more Linux distros. Feel free to download or update it. We will now focus on implementing support for obfsproxy's obfs4 within it. Stay tuned!

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