New Safejumper out, TOR's obfs3/scramblesuit included

We are truly happy to announce that we have upgraded our custom OpenVPN software Safejumper for Desktop to build 7 4. It now includes support for TOR's obfsproxy versions obfs3 and scramblesuit, giving you always more options to bypass monitoring and restrictions. We will follow up this work with a new release in coming weeks to finalise our sprint with software development. Enjoy your stay!

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New version of Safejumper out, more stable with TOR & ECC/XOR

We are pleased to announce that we just released a new version of Safejumper. It is way more stable. It has a more beautiful Windows version, with its own interface. You can also use it across various Mac accounts. And it works with more and more Linux distros. Feel free to download or update it. We will now focus on implementing support for obfsproxy's obfs4 within it. Stay tuned!

Coinbase support temporarily disabled, please use Okpay for Bitcoin

Our Coinbase account has been suspended pending administrative clarification. We will resume accepting Bitcoin within next 72 hours. Meanwhile, you can use Okpay and pay with Bitcoin using this gateway. Thanks for your comprehension.

New version of Safejumper out, more stable with TOR & ECC/XOR

We are happy to announce the release of a new Safejumper version. This version, made available for Windows, Mac & Linux, is more stable and provides better chances of success to connect with TOR's obfsproxy and ECC/XOR. It also comes with several long-awaited fixes, such as support for high-DPI screens. In the coming weeks, we will continue our efforts to improve Safejumper for Desktop. ...

Read more now supports TOR's obfs3 & scramblesuit

In a constant effort to bring the best online privacy solution to you, we are happy to announce that we upgraded our network to support two new encryption methods for TOR's obfsproxy: obfs3 and scramblesuit. You can find more details about how to use TOR's obfsproxy across our network at the following page . We will now focus on implementing support for it right into Safejumper , our custom...

Read more now serves VPN in Macau, Kosovo, Vietnam, Belize & Slovenia

We are extremely happy to announce that we extended our presence in Macau, Kosovo, Vietnam, Belize & Slovenia. Our network now spans across 57 countries all around the world. Here is a reminder of the full list of the countries where we offer at least one VPN node: Australia Austria Belgium Belize Brazil Bulgaria Canada Chile China Costa Rica Czech Republic Estonia Finland France...

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Hubs improved & North America added

We are happy to inform you that we have improved our hubs so that they connect you to better nodes within the same country or region. We also added a "North America" hub that comprises all our nodes in both the United States and Canada. We hope you will enjoy those small but meaningful improvements. Stay tuned!

DDoS attack mitigated

Some of you may have noticed that last night we encountered few downtimes. We faced a severe DDoS attack that we have now mitigated. All our services are stable and we are adding more capacity to build better defense. Stay tuned as we are about to establish VPN presence in more countries.

We now have special guides for Linux Mint :)

We're happy to announce that we have just published some specific guides for Linux Mint, understanding growing user demand for this awesome OS. You can find these guides here . An update of Safejumper will also come soon, fixing many troubles on Linux. Stay tuned! has an updated refund policy! Refunds guaranteed :)

We at highly value our customers' satisfaction, and we understand we are unable to meet everyone's expectations, especially when it comes to convenience of use or 24/7 reliability with some high-end encryption stuff. We always provided unconditional refunds when our customers paid us with PayPal. And when they paid us with something else, we encouraged them to claim a refund with...

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