Safejumper, our custom OpenVPN client, now in 4.0 on desktop

We are extremely happy to announce that we've just upgraded Safejumper for Desktop to version 4.0 (build 84) with increased stability, especially for Linux. This new version also comes with confirmed root-level authentification system for the OpenVPN process across all three Windows, Mac and Linux platforms. It follows successful production tests from build 84. This new version will also allow...

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Safejumper build 83 now out, with enhanced root management

We are extremely happy to announce that Safejumper, our open source OpenVPN client, has now been updated with enhanced capabilities for dealing with root-level access that OpenVPN library requires to connect to a VPN network. The software now operates a process to securely interact with OpenVPN client, giving improved stability, especially on Linux platforms. You can review it at the usual...

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We are delighted to announce that Vilfo is now supporting into its OS for its hardware. Vilfo is a young company producing router hardware that is specifically designed to work with a variety of VPN providers. You can learn more about Vilfo and how it could work with from this page . now supported by 4nonimizer

We are thrilled to announce that Carlos Antonini & Vicente Motos, the authors of the great 4nonimizer bash script, have updated the latter to support connecting to the network with it. You can check their script @  - it is a very interesting piece of code. We look forward to updating you about Safejumper very soon as well. Stay tuned!

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We are thrilled to announce that we just teamed up with to provide you with pre-configured routers. The latter is an adequate solution to connect to the network effortlessly and protect an entire web of devices. You can find routers as low as $50, and provide an excellent customer service. Please do not hesitate to take a look at their listing of...

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Safejumper build 82 out, improved stability for Linux

We are happy to announce that we've just released build 82 of Safejumper. It comes with improved stability for Linux, better DNS support for Windows, and improved leakfixes. It paves the way for version 4.0 with a better root-level management, for which we spent much development time. Stay tuned as this future version comes out in the next weeks! augments its API with further data

We are happy to announce that we have just released an updated version of our public API . It now returns more information per server, especially whether the server has  port forwarding (forwarding), obfsproxy (obfs), ECC/XOR (ecc), OpenSSL (stunnel), Double Hop (double_hop) or TLS_crypt (TLS) enabled. This should help third party developers further integrate their systems with our stealth...

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Github apologises to and its users, brings back repos

We are happy to announce that Github has brought back our account with all its repositories, just minutes after we published to public that they took down our account. They declined to comment specifically what triggered the takedown, but they extend their apologies not to only to us, the staff, but also to you, dear users. Thank you, Github, for supporting our efforts and our code...

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Github flags for hosting "dangerous code"

As you know, we use Github to host our open source code for Safejumper (with TOR's obfsproxy and various other libraries) as well as a fork of ShadowVPN, a powerful encryption library aimed at Chinese users. Today, Github has flagged our account and rendered it unavailable to public because it claims we were publishing "dangerous code". We are truly saddenned to see a U.S. company like this...

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Safejumper build 81 out, added stability & bug report

We are extremely happy to announce that we just released the build 80  81 of Safejumper for desktop (Windows, Mac & Linux). It comes with even more stability and a new bug report feature to streamline our development process. We hope you will appreciate it. Update : We just released build 81 that comes with an important security patch.

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