It works with almost any device or OS works with dozens of various operating systems and hundreds of devices.

VPN for any device or OS VPN tunnels work on almost any device or any operating system.


Our guides Troubleshooting VPN tunnels are completely compatible with any device or OS. You can use built-in clients or any third-party applications to connect to our PPTP, L2TP or OpenVPN tunnels. Our CGIProxy tunnels are accessible via any web browser.

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In addition to a good anti-virus and a firewall, a VPN is another must-have on your device.

Our tunnels will encrypt your Internet device.

Your Internet service provider or even your government won't be able to watch what you're doing on your computer.


Our tunnels are fully unmetered and will suit any of your xDSL, satellite or optical fiber Internet connections. If you choose our solid package at $10, hundreds of nodes will never let you down.

Restrictions will allow you to bypass geo-targeted restrictions by faking your country of origin. Your IP will be replaced by the remote one you connect through, providing full discretion and freedom.

Setting up connection to our tunnels on your Internet device will only require you few minutes of your time. It's all about installing the client, configuring it and connecting to our VPN nodes.

Secure Client

We recommend OpenVPN that will provide maximum encryption.

Built-in Client

Most operating systems have easy built-in VPN clients.

And More...

We also provide a discreet proxy available via any web browser.