Open source, everywhere.

Our backend is mostly open source and so is our VPN client.

Most of infrastructures supporting are open source. We also spent many months of hard work on a beautiful, stable & simple OpenVPN client that we made completely open source for other VPN providers to use and improve with us. Last but not least, we have happily donated thousands of dollars to several open source projects. We are an example of what a successful open source approach can achieve.

Safejumper: the open source project

We are proposing to build a stable OpenVPN client for VPN providers. + Github

  • We offer the complete source code of Safejumper as open source on Github.
  • We agree with other VPN providers to use and customise the software.
  • We provide some bounties for bugs and development of new features. We also expect other VPN providers to help us fund the project. We believe that together we are stronger to provide our customers with a better experience.
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Frequently Asked Questions

If ever you still have some doubts about our open source project.

Q. I am a software developer. Can I help with your project?

Of course, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us and we will let you know more about how you may help us. You can also check our Github account where you can see the various bugs and features requests, along with potential bounties you can earn if you feel up to tackling them. We can pay you with PayPal or Bitcoin.

Q. I am running a VPN service. Can I re-brand Safejumper?

Yes, we have absolutely no problem with that. The software developer who worked on the project with our team can actually help you do that and we can get you in touch with him. The only thing we wish is that you contribute back to the software development by providing funds for bugfixing or the implementation of new features we can mutually use.