Two last additions:
  • Macau
  • Kosovo

A great VPN network in 57 countries & 300+ locations.

We have handcrafted with love, months after months, the widest and most secure VPN network.

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Some aspects of our network will blow your mind off.
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Strongly encrypted

Our entire network is configured with SoftEther and OpenVPN with our latest encryption standards.

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We provide support for TOR, ECC and XOR across a majority of our network to allow you to encrypt further your traffic.

Powerful Performance


We can let you jump into one server, get randomly routed internally across various nodes, and exit into another server.

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Constantly updated

We are constantly bringing back online the nodes that come offline due to various reasons, but mostly to bandwidth overuse.

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Always expanding

We are always growing our network with a presence in more countries and across more server locations.

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Transparently operated

We are publishing a daily warrant canary, a transparency report and real-time network alerts about behind-the-scene activities.

Need some excellent speeds?

Encryption & locations are not your only focus. You also want great speeds.

Discover the Boost network

  • 50GBps Dedicated Bandwidth
  • SoftLayer Network (U.S. West, East, South, UK, Japan & Singapore)
  • This add-on gives you access to the Boost network made up of ultra-fast VPN servers located in 7 different locations across 5 countries. Bandwidth is metered across this network and you can get started with 25GB for $1.
As Low as
$1extra per month