100% non-logging

Proxy.sh never logs anything & runs everything from RAM.

Proxy.sh provides a strongly-encrypted VPN network & online infrastructure that are all set to never log anything. We run most of all our services directly within RAM, which means a shutdown would erase all data. We do not process payments ourselves. And we also offer anonymous tokens for a more secure purchase.

Still not convinced you are anonymous to us?

We support Bitcoin and provide an anonymous token-based auth.

Anonymous Tokens

  • You can purchase anonymous tokens with no string attached to log into our network.
  • You can convert your VPN membership to an anonymous token whenever you want.
  • An anonymous token is a simple 128-bit hash that you can use as both username and password to log into our VPN network. It is not linked to any panel account. Hence, we do not provide extra configs or customer support for them.
As Low as
$0& always will be.

Frequently Asked Questions

If ever you still have some doubts about how secure we are.

Q. What happens if 'someone' wants to track me down?

When we receive an abuse, we immediately publish it to our transparency report and/or network alerts and/or warrant canary. We never comply with identification requests, because we simply are unable to do so. If we receive a subpoena or a legal request, we will alert our users about it and provide access to legitimate authorities. Alas, there will not be much to find since we offer non-logging, highly-encrypted and zero-knowledge services.

Q. How can I stay alerted of network abuses & status?

You can feel free to watch our network status as well as read every day our warrant canary. Otherwise, for a more automated way to remain updated, you can opt to follow our Twitter account or decide to subscribe to our security newsletter by scrolling down this page.