Always improving

Learn how we improved our operations thanks to Ars & TF.

Back in 2013, a pedophile used our network to harass a young girl. We were moved by the situation and we publicly confronted him. We also did not fail to our principles and we publicly let know our customers about the situation and the subsequent intervention we would take. The culprit did not come back for the period we monitored the affected server. We did not hear from authorities about the case.

TorrentFreak & Ars Technica made critical articles about us from this story. They failed to give us a right to answer and to cover how we responded to these critics, but we have much improved since then. Our ethical policy has been cleared out with the help of the EFF. And we are proud to be the one true VPN provider with the highest level of transparency, discretion and integrity. We set new standards.

What makes so great?

We now provide three great features to ensure transparency & integrity.

Transparency Report

  • A database of all the law enforcement and other various abuse notices we receive from authorities, agencies, upstream provider or general third-party. It shows how we respond to them and it is updated in real time.

Warrant Canary

  • A statement based on our senior network engineer's honour that no undercover operation took place across the VPN network without users knowing about it. It is updated every morning (CET), every day of the year.

Network Alerts

  • A timeline of all the interventions and events that happen to the servers composing the infrastructures. The situation is described as we understand it. Our intervention, findings and responses are covered in real time.

Three years later, now in 2016, all the worries that TorrentFreak expressed have now been cleared out. And Ars Technica made a great cover about how we improved since then. We will always improve to the benefit of our users.