Unique Ethical Policy

Learn how we make a difference in the VPN industry.

Thanks to a long heuristic process, Proxy.sh provides a responsible approach about how it operates its VPN network. It keeps you updated about absolutely everything that happens behind the scenes. We also make sure to keep a safe and clean network by raising awareness about some of the abuse cases we receive & publish.

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Anonymous Tokens

  • You can purchase anonymous tokens with no string attached to log into our network.
  • You can convert your VPN membership to an anonymous token whenever you want.
  • An anonymous token is a simple 128-bit hash that you can use as both username and password to log into our VPN network. It is not linked to any panel account. Hence, we do not provide extra configs or customer support for them.
As Low as
$0& always will be.

Frequently Asked Questions

If ever you still have some doubts about our ethical policy.

Q. What is your ethical policy all about in few words?

Proxy.sh' Ethical Policy provides a honorific statement that we will always transparently report the abuse cases we receive as well as all the operations we undertake behind the scenes. It also states that we will raise awareness to competent authorities about abuse issues that directly confronts our moral standards and those of our customers.

Q. How did you come up with such a thing?

Since we began operating Proxy.sh, we knew we would provide a true anonymous network with high encryption standards that are rarely matched elsewhere. But we also knew this would attract a portion of users we would at any rate never choose to defend or protect. Instead of closing our eyes, we stand up to our responsibilities.

Q. Who has helped you shape this policy?

We built this policy with legal assistance but most importantly, we've built it through implementing the feedback we received from customers and third parties that include but are not limited to press outlets such as Ars Technica or Torrentfreak as well as organisations such as the EFF or Harvard's Berkman Centre.

Q. How is it beneficial to me and what makes it unique?

This policy guarantees you will be part of a network that is transparently and ethically operated. You will always be kept alerted of what happens behind the scenes. You will also be part of a network that does not let morally wrong things go unnoticed and idling, a network where its operators will not hesitate to raise awareness to the detriment of marketing instinct.