In this section, we offer some interesting tools related to network security. We highly recommend that you try these applications. Please check their developers' websites for more OS support.

  • Safejumper for Windows (32/64bits)

    Safejumper for Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 (32/64bits) Version 4.0 Build 93 (PGP: Filesize: 47.2 MB

  • Safejumper for Mac OS X (32/64bits)

    Safejumper for Apple Mac OS X (32/64bits) Version 4.0 Build 93 (PGP: Filesize: 40.2 MB

  • Safejumper for Linux (32/64bits)

    Safejumper for any Linux version with GUI (Ubuntu, Redhat, Debian, Mint) Version 4.0 Build 94 (PGP: Filesize: 213 MB