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We are a non-for-profit operation made up of brilliant & skilled individuals who are located throughout the world and collaborate in a digital manner.
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We are available 24/7 through our tickets system.

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The permanence

Learn more about some of our essential staff members.
Mr. Paul

Mr. Paul

Ninja CEO

Paul is the founder of Proxy.sh who gathered sufficient strategy, human resources and capital to build up and grow the most disruptive VPN provider of the market.

Mrs. Pauline

Mrs. Pauline

HR Super Mother

Pauline is continuously managing workforce and applying Paul’s strategy. She is in some way the second mother of most staff members. Pauline provides support and guidance in almost anything.

Dr. Boian

Dr. Boian

Brainy CTO

Boian is our brainy senior network engineer as well as main technical officer. He is the architect of the network and provides most maintenance guidelines. He also often himself assists customers.

Mr. Michael

Mr. Michael

CFO "Cash Rocket"

Michael is our Manhattan-inspired financial geek who provides most efforts when it comes to dealing with money. He takes care of refunds and also splits profits across staff & investments.

Mrs. Vicki

Mrs. Vicki

Public Relations

Vicki is our beautiful PR lady. She takes care of press inquiries as well as most of external communications. She is expressive but also less prone to PR vulnerabilities than our geeks would.

Mr. Delfin

Mr. Delfin

Customer Support

Delfin is our happy customer support 1st-task force. He is handling most of inquiries coming through tickets. He then delegates them to the right person. Delfin knows customers & staff well.

Mr. Gena

Mr. Gena


Gena is our administration specialist. He has a wide knowledge and can help customers with almost anything from tech to finances. He is the key linking and bringing all specialists into symbiosis.

Dr. Lou

Dr. Lou

Cryptology Expert

Lou is the most geeky staff we have. She is a cryptology analyst & researcher who works for Fortune 500. She provides us with insights & resources to always improve our cryptography.

We are constantly improving

Take a quick look at how Proxy.sh evolves over the years.

We are finalising the last details of our new VPN client, Safejumper Plus. It comes with a new UI and added stability.

We are investing many efforts into building a better framework for deploying VPN and proxy solutions across the world.

We are investing all our revenues into developing a better user interface and user experience into our open source VPN client.

We are constantly offering updates of our open source VPN client that provides huge improves in terms of stability and security.

We are overhauling our maintenance backend with better automations and added transparency with real-time public reports.

We are implementing support for TLSCrypt+XOR and Shadowsocks across our network, as part of a security oriented experimentation.

We are improving the stability of Safejumper, our open source OpenVPN client. It now comes with TOR integration for Windows, Mac & Linux.

We are increasing the strength of our encryption standards with the deployment of obfs3 and scramblesuit variants for TOR's obfsproxy.

We are increasing our peering presence throughout the world by adding more countries and more locations across already covered ones.

We redesigned our network to deploy advanced configurations for ECC, XOR & TOR's obfsproxy, resulting in more stability and reliability.

We stepped up to our principles with a particular update of our warrant canary that allowed us to inform users (and the world) about what occured behind the scenes.

We improved our open source OpenVPN client, Safejumper, by making it directly integrated with TOR's obfsproxy, ECC curves and XOR scrambler.

We completely re-designed our website and our panel. We also launched several third-party sites to raise awareness about network leaks.

We launched a completely new version of Safejumper for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS. It is now beautiful, stable and open source.

We completely rewrote our Ethical Policy so that it is even easier to understood, and thus, made much more precise to everyone. It is now the perfect policy.

We added network leaks and we brought emphasis on them to our new customers. We also deployed XOR & ECC as optional OpenVPN encryption methods.

We launched tons of new panel features & extras such as the speed assistant, the email control, the configuration generator or the security check.

We linked our transparency report to the Harvard University Berkman Centre's Chilling Effects Clearinghouse database & system.

We showed a fast and exemplary reaction to security threats such as the Heartbleed or the Shellshock bugs, showing we are up to our promises.

We continued to re-invest our profits into growing our network with a 250% growth in countries locations and over 1000% growth in the amount of nodes.

We joined the Electronic Frountier Foundation and we were among the first to set up a full transparency report and warrant canary.

We were criticised by press (Ars Technica & Torrentfreak) about some weaknesses in our ethical policy. We improved it thanks to EFF and others.

We kept re-investing our profits into expanding our network. We grew our locations by 1000% and the amount of our VPN servers by more than 2500%!

We developed and released a custom OpenVPN client for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS within a short time and with a limited budget.

Why are we semi-anonymous?

Learn the reasons as to why we remain discreet about our identities.

We operate from the Republic of Seychelles and we have no physical presence other than our board's meeting in Victoria. Our staff members have parallel careers and do not wish to disclose their full identities for various reasons, mostly for convenience and security. The only people who know about us are the authorities of the respective countries we operate through. With this said, we also remain open to meet you in the real world for a cup of tea if you have an appealing profile.

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